Teddy Bear Name

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Teddy Bear Name

"Teddy Bear Names Directory for all Types of Bears"

Teddy Bears are such wonderful friendly creatures with so many different types of bears to learn about, we have a hard time choosing our favourite teddy bears here at Bear-Dictionary.com

Horace Big Bear has spent lots of time compiling a name meanings dictionary of the teddy bears names he likes the most as well as the Top 10 baby names that would suit a beloved teddy bear just as perfectly as that little precious baby ... so lets take a look at his researched name origins and meanings, you might be surprised by the results .. Did you know that Vanessa means Butterfly?
Do you have a very special teddy bear that is looking for a very special name to fit him ? Maybe there is a new baby in your family and you would like to give it the first teddy bear ever ? Choosing a Teddy name is sometimes as difficult as choosing a baby name .. so many beautiful names and each with its own particular meaning of the name. So here Horace takes a look at First Name Meaning and Origin so that when you have chosen a baby name you can choose a matching teddy bear names to go with that very first teddy for that special baby in your life .

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Our Teddy Bear Name Directory can also be searched if you want to know your name bear ins and outs. With many of the new Build a Bear Factories popping up all over the place sometimes it is quite hard to choose the perfect name meaning for your handmade teddy bear ..especially when under pressure in the Build a Bear Factory ..so why not prepare ahead and check our teddy bear names meanings and origins to find something that is just perfect for your beloved teddy bear .
Teddy Bear Birth Certificates are handed out in every Build a Bear Factory too .. so make sure that the bear names you have chosen are not already duplicated too many times..a special bear deserves a very special bear name indeed ...

Horace Big Bear and Louise Little Bear will add lots of Bear Pictures and even make little teddy bear name tags birth certificates and teddy bear baby shower invitations for you ... so you can make the day your baby gets its first Teddy Bear even more special ... I wonder whether that bear will become the star of many an old bear story in years to come ... imagine its tattered old rags hanging like a 100 year old Steiff Bear from the last threads of its button in the ear ..
We will try and find as many bear pictures to accompany the different types of bear to make choosing and identifying bears easier. So please feel free take a look at the different categories names
Horace Big Bear Teddy Bears Names Collection, A-Z Index of Teddy Bear Names for Choosing a Favourite Cuddly Bear Name for your Favorite Teddy Bears and Cuddly Animals.

Teddy Bear Names
teddy name meaning and origin teddy tag  name
Teddy Bear Name

Have you ever wanted to name your Teddy Bear? There are so many names to choose from. Each with their own personal meaning, perhaps the name of an old friend, or a long lost aunt or a favorite uncle...
Horace Big Bear and Louise Little Bear have complied a list of interesting names for you to choose from.

For some good ideas of first names take a peek at our Teddy Bear Names A-Z


Teddy Bear Name Meanings

teddy name meaning and origin teddy tag  meaning
Teddy Bear Names Meanings

With lots of names for bears to select, it is sometimes difficult to pick one, have you ever wondered about a baby name meaning? You may want to choose a bear name for a type of bear who will have a specific character. For instance, the first name meanings of William is Protector, so your Billie Bear would watch over you while you sleep!

For a list of the first name meanings for teddy bears take a peek at Teddy Bear Names Meanings Dictionary


Teddy Bear Name Origins and Meanings
teddy name meaning and origin teddy tag  origin
Teddy Bear Last Name Meanings and Origins

Where did all the names come from? Some of the names come from surprising origins, with the world to choose from many names date back to Roman or ancient Greek times. I wonder if YOUR name is on our list of name meaning and origin?

For a list of Teddy name origins and meanings take a peek at Teddy First Name Meaning and Origin


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We like all types of bears and hope you enjoy our bear dictionary website where lots of interesting teddy bear facts can be found ..
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as well as bear pictures, info about types of bear, bear pic to color, bear recipes and bear kids activities from Polar Bears, Panda Bears, Grizzly Bears ... the teddy bear list can go from the Arctic to the Zoo

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