Karate Teddy - An Old Bear Story

by Jim

Karate Ted - An Old Bear Story

Karate Ted - An Old Bear Story

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My Teddy Bear is 50 years old. My grandfather bought it for me when I was born. It used to make a sound, but due to some rough handling in its early years, it can no longer speak.

For many years it sat in the corner of my room, looking out at the cars driving past my bedroom window. When I was about 10 years old, I became interested in Karate, and at that
time, my bear became my sparring partner. Around this time, it lost the ability to talk! It took some heavy punishment, but survived, but a little worse for wear.

It never occurred to me to name my bear, although during the sparring period, I called it Chuck, after Chuck Norris, Bruce Lee’s famous opponent in Way of the Dragon. I was of course Bruce Lee!

My bear still has no name, and my family now put me in the category of being unsentimental and unappreciative of the softer side of life ( not that keen on Poetry either!) The reason I keep him now is because he probably now has antique value, and of course, it is last the link to my grandfather who died when I was six years old.

The material around the paws and feet is beginning wear and the stuffing is poking through. My next project, when I get time, will be to see if I can find someone who knows about restoring old bears. I will then pass it on to my daughter, who will name it and will hopefully still have it when she is 50 years old.


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Oct 17, 2012
by: Anonymous

For English I have to do a task relating to the concept of belonging and So I used this image as a example of how one can have a sense of belonging towards objects :p thanks

Cool bear I have one too :p

Oct 24, 2010
Poor Old Bear
by: Elli

I hope Karate Teddy is now well, and has his paw fixed soon!
He does look so cute, and you would not think he was a Kung Fu Fighting Bear!

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