Build A Bear

Build A Bear,Louise Little Bear goes to the Build A Bear Workshop® where you can make your own bear.

Build A Bear

"Build a Bear for all Types of Bears"

We all love our bears, especially the teddy bears. We can't get enough of them. Each with their own individual faces and characters...

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What happens when we feel the need for a new unique friend?

Never fear, there is always some Bear Activity to be done...

We can go and make our own new teddy bear, selecting all the features that we may wish for...

Did you know that you can design and make your very own teddy bear?

You can make all types of bears, and other cuddly teddy bear friends ... and dress them in their own teddy bear clothes...

It all depends on your imagination!

Build A Bear Workshop®

Louise Little Bear went out to one of their factories to find out what it was all about...

She chose to visit the bear workshop in Covent Garden, London, but you can also find these shops in most big shopping malls... :-)
You can go to their website to locate your nearest one!

build a bear workshop pictures

The workshop logo on the ground at the entrance

Choose Your Bears
Creating a Bear of your own

build a bear workshop build a bear ville

First you need to select the bear you want, from a wide selection of empty bear skins available at the entrance.

You do not have to choose a Teddy Bear, (why ever not?!!), there are lots of other build a bear animals to choose from, here we can see teddy dogs, teddy rabbits or even a teddy owl!


Choose Your Bear's Heart and Voice
Creating a Bear of your own

The next stage is choosing a heart to place inside the bear.

And there are also little vice boxes, where you can record a special message which will be played when you squeeze the cute cuddly animal.

Stuff Your Bears
Creating a Bear of your own
build a bear workshop build a bear coupons

Once you are happy with your own message, and have a heart to love, you give them and the bear skin fur to the helpful shop assistant who will stuff the teddy bear with just the right amount of filling so that he can be not too hard nor too soft but somewhere in between.

I wonder what Goldilocks would choose? - I'm sure it would be "Just Right!" :-))

Choose Your Teddy Bear's Clothes
Dressing a Bear of your own
build a bear workshop build a bear coupons

Now you can select what your teddy bear will look like.

You can choose a uniform like a fireman bear, or a police bear.

If you prefer, there are lots of "casual" teddy bear clothes or a special party outfits clothes for teddy bears.

It's all up to you! - But help is always at hand from the friendly staff if you are having any trouble choosing!

Choose Your Bear's Accessories
Making the Bear its own
build a bear workshop bear build site web

Hmmm .... SO many accessories to choose from.

From Headbands to Roller-skates, and everywhere in between, this bear has chosen a really nice satchel which matches her fur!

Choose Your Bear's Name
Creating Bear of your own
build a bear workshop bear build site web

Finally, it comes to naming your new teddy bear.

You will receive its own build a bear birth certificate and then you can take it home, where it will be loved and cherished for ever!

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