Ben - An Old Bear Story

by Sora
(ks, U.S.)

Ben - An Old Bear Story

Ben - An Old Bear Story

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My mom and dad got him for me as soon as they knew they were going to have me. He is over 22 years old and I have loved him all those years.

When I was a little girl I went through a hair cuting faze, I cut all my dolls hair and at one point I even felt that ben's tail needed trimming. Being a little kid I didn't understand that it wouldn't grow back, but he still gave me so much love.

I keep him on the head of my bed with some of his friends (the other teddy bears I've gotten over the years). I look back and think that from this one bear I got so much love that I could get through all the bad times as a child.


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Sep 05, 2013
a lovely little bear NEW
by: Anonymous

The story tells us: We shouldn’t ignore anything knowledge. We should be careful for unknown something and fond of learning anything useful for our life.

Mar 01, 2011
A lovable old bear story
by: Roland

Ben looks ever so sweet and friendly, with such a nice smile.
He does not look the worse for wear, even though he is over 22 years old! You can't even tell he has had his tail "trimmed"!
Ben may have thought that he was a fashion model, sporting the latest in tails.

Teddy Bears will always love you, and help you through any bad times, as well as the fun times!
That's what they love to do!

Many thanks for the story.
I can't wait to hear about Ben's friends too!


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