Animated Teddy Bears Magic

Animated Teddy Bears Magic,Horace shares Animated Teddy Bear Films, old and new, and tells how they are made.

Animated Teddy Bears Magic

"Animated Teddy Bear films for you to enjoy"

What better way to show our excitement and love of our cuddly teddy bear friends than to see them come to life in a teddy bear film?

There are many ways in which a teddy bear can come to life, most of the time there is a "human friend" making them move and talk, and we tend not to notice the human after a while :-) ... But how much better is it if they come to life all by themselves!!

Teddy Bear Movies

One of the most popular methods of animating teddy bears is a technique known as "stop motion animation" which has been used ever since the early days of film.
This works particularly well for "real" objects, where a picture is taken of the teddy bear, then the bear is moved a small amount, and another picture taken.
The pictures are then shown in sequence, giving the impression of motion.

Another method of animation is using entirely computer generated images, as used in the most recent Disney films.
16mm Film Animated Teddies
Animated Teddy Bears - Magic Tricks

Here is a short teddy bear film where a Wizard casts a spell to make the Teddy Bears Move..

How The Little Bear Movie Was Made

  • Many years ago, my father had a 16mm cine camera, which he used for some family home movies.

  • He thought it might be exciting to film some camera magic...

  • For the actual animated teddy bear film recording, he set the camera on a tripod, and moved the teddy bears, Teddy and Aloysius, in front of the camera.

  • Each movement was recorded using a single frame of film, and the film wound on to the next one.

  • The two teddy bear film stars were not very good at "standing" on their own, so my father cunningly set them up so that they were rolling or sitting!! :-)

  • My father did all the editing at home, once the film was developed. Actual cutting and pasting of the celluloid film!!

  • Years later, he had all our home movies transferred to VHS video tape, so they were easier to watch.

  • Recently, I transferred those tapes to DVDs! .... From there I could reformat the teddy bear animation film files on my PC and finally upload to youtube!
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We hope you enjoyed browsing through the Animated Teddy Bears Magic, and the little bear movie ...

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