Printable Bear

Printable Bear,Toby's Bear Template,Teddy Bear Template,and Teddy Bear Stencil Collection

Printable Bear

Toby ~ the Teddy Bear Artist

"Kids Bear Activities for all Types of Bears"

Bears are such wonderful creatures with so many different types of bears to learn about, we have a hard time choosing our favourite bear pictures to color here at

All Bear Images can also be used as Bear templates for knitted bears, patchwork bears, fabric christmas bears or any other kind of bear crafts and a lot of them are suitable for younger kids bear activities.

Free Printable Bear Activities for Kids

Free Bear Coloring sheets for Kids and Adult Artists alike ... playing with coloring, doodling and filling the page with art
We hope you enjoy our kids coloring sheets collection with a bear theme ...choose from Bear Christmas Coloring Page, polar bear coloring pages and brown bear coloring to funny gummy bear coloring pages ..

Our Bear Coloring Sheets
selection of bear coloring pages

If you like you can browse through our bear coloring pictures, find the free coloring sheets for kids you like and click on the bear picture to open it in a larger window ready for you to print or download to your computer (you can right click and save any bear image to your own computer for later use)

Toby the Teddy Bear Artist ~ Invites you to Draw a Teddy Bear or Color a Teddy Bear

Add to your bear coloring book with these wonderful outlines

Free Printable Bear Worksheets - Original Bear Bear Printable Kids Learning Activities to print and download

So please feel free take a look at our bear printable selection if you like to see some bear pictures and teddy bear worksheets for kids learning activities, all original bear drawings especially designed for us and for you to enjoy coloring in.

Printable Bears Worksheets

~ Here you will find our selection of free printable teddy and bear kids activity sheets .. from weather teddy abc to counting teddy worksheets and bear printables for learning ..we hope you like our bear printables for kids

~ Printable Bear Worksheets 1

~ Printable Bear Worksheets 2

~ Polar Bear Coloring Page

Free Bear Template
Bear Template

~ Printable Bears Template Collection

view printable bears template collection
Teddy Bear Template

~ Free teddy bear templates from teddy bear mask templates and black bear templates to template of polar bear

view printable teddy bear template collection

Bear Stencil

~ From black bear stencil and teddy bear stencil to free bear paw stencil
~ These bear themed stencils can come in handy for decorating so many things, from flower pots,
jewelry boxes, toy boxes, "Usefull pots for putting things in" (Like Pooh's friend Eeyore's empty hunny pot Birthday present!) or even doors and walls.

view our bear stencil collection

Free Bear Patterns
Free Bear Patterns
Teddy Bear Sewing Pattern

~ Make your own teddy bears with these sewing patterns. You can make them in all sorts of shapes and sizes, and colours.
~ You don't need to use plush or fur, you can use old pieces of cloth you have lying around in your sewing basket. I might be fun to make bears with different materials altogether, so you will end up with a unique multi textured, multi coloured bear!

~ Teddy Bear Sewing Pattern
~ Free Sewing Pattern Teddy bear
~ Teddy Bear Clothes Sewing Pattern

Teddy Bear Clothes

~ Make your own clothes for your bears!
~ You can have as many outfits for your bears as you like! But watch out! They may ask you to make some more too - you never know, once they get a taste for new handmade clothes, there may be no stopping them!
~ Why not have a fashion parade with your bears showing off their new "Designer" clothes?
~ We would love to see the results of your hard work, so take some pictures and send them with a story about the show to us at, and we'll show them in our Teddy Bear Picture Gallery

~ Outfits clothes for Teddy Bears
~ Clothes for Teddy Bears
~ Teddy Bear Clothes for Girl Bears
~ Teddy Bear Clothes Sewing Pattern 1
~ Teddy Bear Clothing Sewing Pattern 2

Free Teddy Bear Patterns


Polar Bear Pattern

~ All sorts of patterns with a polar bear theme, an exiting set of activities to do, and things to make.

~ Polar Bear Patterns
~ Bead Polar Bear Craft Pattern
~ Polar Bear Patterns for Coloring
~ Polar Bear Hat Patterns
~ Polar Bear Costume Pattern
~ Free Polar Bear Sewing Patterns

Polar Bear Printables

Polar Bear Printables

~ A fantastic range of Polar Bear pictures and puzzles to do at home or elsewhere!

~ Polar Bear Coloring Page
~ P for Polar Bear Printables
~ Polar Bear Print ActivitySheets
~ Polar Bear dot to dot

Brown Bear Brown Bear Printables

Brown Bear Brown Bear Printables

~ A great range of Brown Bear pictures and activities to do at home or at a friend's house!

~ b for brown bear sheets printable
~ brown bear brown bear print activities

Teddy Bear Printables

Teddy Bear Printables

~ These Teddy Bear Printables are especially good for learning, with very friendly cute cuddly bears to help with the tricky bits!

~ Counting Bears and Counting Teddy Printable
~ Weather Bear Kids Printable
~ Teddy Bears Picnic Printables
~ Printable Teddy Bear Worksheets 1
~ Printable Teddy Bear Worksheets 2

Dot to Dots Bears

Printable Dot to Dot with a bear theme

~ We have always loved dot to dot's and hope you enjoy this wide selection. We know you'll be able to do them without any problems! - Just don't miss out any numbers, or you'll have to start all over again! - But that is half the fun isn't it?

~ Teddy Bear Dot to Dot
~ Polar Bear Dot to Dot
~ Brown Bear Brown Bear Dot to Dot

Wordsearch Bears

Printable Bears Wordsearch

~ We love wordsearch puzzles here at We spend hours of fun searching for names or words hidden in the matrix of letters. - We sometimes find extra words which were not listed, which always makes our day!

~ Teddy Bear Wordsearch
~ Polar Bear Wordsearch
~ Brown Bear Brown Bear Wordsearch

Flashcards ABC Teddy Bears

Printable Teddy Bear Flashcards ABC

~ These Flash cards are really usefull for learning the alphabet - and fun too! The Teddy Bear pictures are really cute and memorable, so you will have no trouble at all using the cards.

~ a-e Teddy Bear Flashcards
~ f-k Teddy Bear Flashcards
~ l-q Teddy Bear Flashcards
~ r-z Teddy Bear Flashcards

Certificates Bear Theme

Printable Teddy Bear Certificates

~ We all like to be apreciated, and it's always nice to have someone show us when a task has been done well, or just to be congratulated. These Certificates would make anyone proud of what they did.

~ Teddy Bear Certificate "Well Done"
~ Teddy Bear Certificate "Great Job"

Bear Coupons

Printable Bear Coupons

~ Printable Make a Bear Coupon
Printable Teddy Bear Stationary

~ Here you will find our selection of free printable teddy stationary, from bear name tags to bear lables everything bear theme printables with a teddy bear or real bear theme

Printable Stationary Bear Theme

~ bear name tags
~ bear labels
~ printable invitation with bears


Printable Bear Song Sheets

~ Here you will find our selection of free printable song sheets, bear lyrics from favourite bear nursery rhymes and bear songs and bear finger games

Printable Bear Song Sheets

~ Big Bear Big Bear ( tune of Row, Row, Row your Boat)
~ Going on a bear hunt
~ Little Bear ( tune of Frere Jaques)
~ Teddy Bear Picnic Song
~ I am your Gummy Bear Song
~ Honey Bear Song
~ Teddy Bear Teddy Bear Turn Around
~ Yogi Bear Song

Printable Bear Finger Plays / Finger Games

~ Here you will find our selection of free printable finger games and bear finger plays

Printable Finger Bear Games / Bear Finger Plays

~ Round in Round the Garden like a teddy bear
~ Five little Bears Wondering what to do

Printable Bears Pictures

~ Here you will find our selection of free printable Pictures, from cute and cuddly teddy bears to real bears from the wild animal pictures

Printable Bears Pictures

~ Teddy Bear Pictures
~ Polar Bear Pictures Brown Bear Pictures
~ Koala Bear Pictures


Printable Bears Birthday Party

~ Here you will find our selection of free bear printable birthday party invitations, bear thanks you's, and bear games

Printable Bear Birthday Party Ideas

~ printable Teddy Bear Party Invitation
~ printable Polar Bear Party Invitation

Printable Teddy Bear Patterns

~ Free Printable Teddy Bear Patterns
~ Knitted Teddy Bear Patterns

Printable Bear Coloring Page

We hope you enjoyed browsing through the Printable Bears Worksheets. Why not keep the colouring pages together and make a Bears coloring book, or a set of bear Christmas cards.

Our Bear Coloring Sheets
selection of bear coloring pages

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We like all types of bears and hope you enjoy our bear dictionary website where lots of bear facts can be found .. as well as bear pictures to color, bear printables, endangered bear research, info about types of bear, bear pic to color, bear recipes and bear kids activities from Polar Bears, Panda Bears, Grizzly Bears ... the list can go from the Arctic to the Zoo

We try and update our Bear Coloring Pages regularly , so feel free to follow our Horace Big Bear News on Twitter see up to date additions to our website or if you like feel free to or sign up for our Bear Dictionary Newsletter

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Here at Bear Dictionary we like to explore all types of bears... some bears live in the wild like the polar bear, the brown bear and even the grizzly bear. Endangered Species of Bears need our protection if we are to continue to have wild species of bear. The more information on all types of bears can be shared the better. Educating our children about endangered bears, taking bear watching holidays to raise awareness and sponsoring endangered polar bears, panda bears and indeed all baby bears raised in zoos with an animal protection program
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Our Bear Coloring Sheets
selection of bear coloring pages


Here at we welcome your input too .. feel free to submit your Old Bear Stories, Your Bear Watching Holiday Adventures Stories , even a little Bear Joke or two is enjoyed by all ..

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valentine clipart teddy bear girl

Here are a selection of Valentine Bears you can use to make a Valentines Day Teddy Bear gift, or a Teddy Bear Valentines Day Card.

valentine clipart teddy bear boy

Bear Dictionary
All Types of Bears Explored

We have a favorite selection of bear books that are full of information on all types of bears.. from panda bears , and grizzly bears to the black bears of north america and the polar bears of the north .. which one is your favourite type of bear ?



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