Old Bear Stories Rary

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Old Bear Stories Rary

"Interesting Bear Stories for all Types of Bears"

Bears are such wonderful creatures with so many different type of bear to learn about, we have a hard time choosing our favourite bear stories here at bear-dictionary.com

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Every type of Bear has a story to tell:

From when it first came into our lives,
and the adventures it has had...

To where it is now
and who has loved it ...
and will continue to!

old bear stories bear dictionary 1

We feel it is time to tell those stories to the world,

and not leave the much loved bears behind to gather dust on the shelf or in the attic ...

almost forgotten ...

So, Bring Out Your Bear, give it a really big hug and ask it to remind you of the stories it has to tell, I'm sure it will bring joy to your heart, and its bear heart too.

My Bear Family Tales
  • Over the years I have collected many old bears, well, most of them were new when I got them ... :-) ...
  • Here are some of their stories, with pictures of bears to illustrate them.
  • I have even linked some old family cine films, taken by my father, and featuring some of the bears in film!
  • I hope you enjoy reading them... (And watching the short bear film !!)
My Old Bear Stories Rary

Old Bear Stories Rary 1

Old Bear Stories Rary - Enjoying some soft pillows

Rary was one of the later acquisitions into my family, although I must have found him about twenty five years ago now!
My father and I were taking some hedge trimmings and other general garden rubbish to the local amenity tip.
As we were emptying the bags my father said "Oh look, someone has thrown away a teddy bear!".
I could not let that go; I felt so sorry for the poor little bear. - I had to rescue him!
Fortunately, the bear was not too far away to get to, and I managed to grab him, and we took him home.

Old Bear Stories Rary 2

Old Bear Stories Rary - Oh No! Get out before they collect the wheely bin!


He then spent the next two days swimming in a bucket of water with a strong solution of DAZ, our preferred washing powder of the day, just to make sure he was properly clean.
I named him "Rary" because of the popular World War One song ... "It's a long way to Tipperary"
... We found him at the "tip" hence "Rary" ...
OK, not that funny, but there you go!


Old Bear Stories Rary 3

Old Bear Stories Rary - A champion of recycling.

Because of his origins, Rary is very keen on recycling and reuse of rubbish or any old stuff, and hopes you are too!

Old Bear Stories Rary 4

Rary Relaxing - Or is it Louise? (Grin!)

Those of you who have your "recognizing things glasses" on may notice a striking resemblance between Rary and Louise Little Bear, do you think they may be related at all??

I hope you have had fun reading my story about bears , and seeing the teddy bear pics.



The Little Bear Movie Slot
  • Here you can watch some of the home bear movies taken by my father, using a 9.5mm cine camera or later on a 16mm cine camera (not) featuring, to some extent Rary , ... Vision only, no sound in those days ... they were home "Movies" not "Talkies" !! :-))
  • I hope you enjoy watching the bears in film...
  • Rary (not actually featured!) - Teddy Bear's Picnic Animation
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