Gummi Bear Recipe

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Gummi Bear Recipe

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Free Gummi Bear Recipe
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Henri, our Teddy Chef, is eager to show you our recipes. But you'll have to be quick, he may just sneak a taste while you are not looking!


Henri ~ Teddy Chef For Bear Recipes

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Gummi Bear Recipe Collection

Henri's Gummi bears are really good to eat, here is a selection of multi-coloured Gummi Bears in a sun shape! Can you see how Henri has aranged them so they look like the sun rays?

Henri's Homemade Gummi Bears ~ Gummi Bear recipe

You need plenty of sunshine if you want to go for a teddy bears picnic don't you?

Homemade Gummi Bear Recipe

To make your Homemade Gummy Bears

This is a yummy recipe for homemade gummy bears

Ingredients for making homemade gummy candy ( gummibaerchen in germany )

7 packs of unsweetened gelatin powder (no flavor)
1 pack flavored gelatin powder
1/2 cup cold water
gummy bear molds

Homemade Gummy Bear Recipe Instructions:


First take the packs of both flavored and unflavored gelatine and mix them together .

Make sure you mix it properly.

Take the 1/2 cup of cold water and pour it into your gelatine powder mixture.

Take the saucepan with the mixed gelatin and water mixture and put on a stove to gently heat .. a medium heat works best, making sure to stir the gelatin mixture until it all melts.

It is fun using specially designed gummi bear molds to make the original style gummi bears but it is not necessary

Take the gelatin mixture and put it into a freezer for approximately 10 minutes until properly cooled .

If you do have bear molds, pour the mixture into the molds.

.. If you dont have gummi bears molds then you can cut the gelatin mixture once it has cooled down into little strips that could resemble little gummi bear worms.

Enjoy your homemade gummi bears



Bear Dictionary Bear Recipe Collection

Homemade Sour Gummy Bear Recipe Collection

Homemade sour gummy recipe

This is a yummy Gummi Bear Recipe for homemade sour gummi bears, but you can also make sour gummi worms

Ingredients for homemade sour gummy bear recipe:

3 packs of unsweetened gelatin powder (no flavor)
2 pack flavored gelatin powder
1 cup cold water
1/2 pack of Kool-Aid or equivalent instant sour drink powder.

gummy bear molds or 8x8inch pan

Option - gummi bear cookie cutters

Tip - Try to match the flavors of the sour drink and gelatin, but strange combinations can always yield interesting results!

Tip - You can use the whole packet of the drink powder if you want to make extra sour gummi worms


Sour Gummy Bear Instructions:


Pour the water into a small saucepan, over a medium heat is best, and bring the water to the boil.

Add the all the gelatin powder, both flavoured and unflavored, together with the drink powder.

Mix vigorously until all the powder has completely disolved.

pour the mixture into the gummi bear molds, or the 8x8inch pan

Tip - You can use cooking spray to coat the gummi bear molds first if required

Place the the gummy bear mold (or pan) into the refrigerator to set for approximtely 20 minutes.

Use the cookie cutters to cut the gummy bear shapes or simply cut the cooled mixture with a knife to make sour gummi worms from the pan

Enjoy the sour gummy worms or sour gummy bears


Gummi Bear Recipe

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