Endangered Grizzly Bear

Endangered Grizzly Bear, Horace asks Where do Grizzly Bears Live, What do they Eat, How are they at risk ?

Endangered Grizzly Bear

"Endangered Bear Facts for all Types of Bears"

Bears are such wonderful creatures with so many different type of bear to learn about, we have a hard time choosing our favourite bear pictures here at bear-dictionary.com

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All types of bears can be found in so many places around the world.

It is such a shame that so many of them are becoming endangered animals.

We have compiled a list of some interesting bear facts about the bears in danger.

Here you can find out about the plight of Polar Bears, Panda Bears of China, what is happening to the Sun Bear, how is the Grizzly Bear, are Black Bears endangered and how about Brown Bears ?

Here you can find out about Grizzly Bears.

Endangered Grizzly Bear
Grizzly Bear Information


~ Grizzly Bear Facts

~ Adult Grizzly Bears are generally 100cm tall, and measure 200cm in length. They weigh between 150kg and 375kg.

~ Grizzly Bears have a large head with small ears, a short tail, and a distinctive muscular hump at the shoulders.

~ A Grizzly Bear has strong legs, the claws on the front paws are long and strong, up to 9cm, and are used for digging for food.

~ The name "Grizzly" comes from the silver tipped hairs that the Bears grow when they get older.

~ Grizzly Bears are very protective animals, and will attack if they feel that their bear cubs are threatened or are in danger.

~ Female Grizzly Bears give birth to between one and four cubs, but usually two.

~ Where do Grizzly Bears live ?

~ The Grizzley Bears can be found in Canada and Alaska. They also live in reserves in the USA in Idaho, Wyoming, Washington and Montana.

~ The Grizzly Bear Habitat is mainly deserted rivers, large valleys, wild mountains, open meadows as well as thick dense forests.

~ Female Grizzley Bears with young bear cubs usually prefer the rugged terrain and basins, avoiding the male Grizzley Bears. They roam over an area estimated to be of about 200 to 600 square kilometers.

~ Male Grizzly Bears roam over an area estimated to be 900 to 1800 square kilometers.

~ The Grizzly Bear's range has been greatly reduced due to human population growth, but varies according to food availability and quality.

~ What do Grizzly Bears eat ?

~ The Grizzly's preferred food is fish, so they can be found by deserted rivers. They especially enjoy the salmon spawning season, and travel over long distances to get to the rivers at the same time as the salmon.

~ The Grizzly Bear will also eat a wide variety of foods; Vegetation, including any type of nuts, herbs, tubas, berries, fruits, flowers, grasses and shrubs; Meat, including fish, animal carcasses, elk, moose, small marine animals, calves, and small animals such as squirrels and marmots; "Other" including ants and other insects, and honey.

~ Because of its size, a Grizzly Bear must have a high calorific intake and can eat 36 to 41 kilograms of food per day.

~ What is the Grizzly Bear Population ?

~ In 1985 the Grizzly Bear Population in Alberta was estimated to be about 1200, it is now estimated to be below 700.

~ In British Columbia, there are fewer than 16000 remaining.

~ Why are the Grizzly Bears Endangered ?

~ The main reason for the reduction in the Grizzly Bears population is hunting by humans, and the reduction of the Grizzly Bear habitat.

~ Grizzly Bears are hunted mainly as game animals, but are also killed when they venture into campsites.

~ Grizzly Bears are killed by landowners protecting their livestock, and poachers who are after the Grizzly Bear teeth, claws, hides, and even the internal organs for the Asian medical market; the gall bladder is especially sought after.


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