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Horace (no longer) invites you to sign up for
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~ Here you were supposed to be able to keep up with the latest bulletins and stories and events happening at Bear Dictionary.

~ Horace's Big Bear News Letter was a Newsletter and E-zine from us here at Bear Dictionary, keeping you up to date with the latest and greatest news about all types of bears.

~ Unfortunately, we never managed to issue any.

~ Sorry about that.

~ Your email address, if you supplied it, was never used for any purposes, and our subscriber list has now been deleted.
Thank you for having subscribed if you did.


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All Types of Bears Explored

Here at Bear Dictionary we like to explore all types of bears... some bears live in the wild like the polar bear, the brown bear and even the grizzly bear. Endangered Species of Bears need our protection if we are to continue to have wild species of bear. The more information on all types of bears can be shared the better. Educating our children about endangered bears, taking bear watching holidays to raise awareness and sponsoring endangered polar bears, panda bears and indeed all baby bears raised in zoos with an animal protection program
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Our Bear Coloring Sheets
selection of bear coloring pages


Here at we welcome your input too .. feel free to submit your Old Bear Stories, Your Bear Watching Holiday Adventures Stories , even a little Bear Joke or two is enjoyed by all ..

Bear Activities

valentine clipart teddy bear girl

Here are a selection of Valentine Bears you can use to make a Valentines Day Teddy Bear gift, or a Teddy Bear Valentines Day Card.

valentine clipart teddy bear boy

Bear Dictionary
All Types of Bears Explored

We have a favorite selection of bear books that are full of information on all types of bears.. from panda bears , and grizzly bears to the black bears of north america and the polar bears of the north .. which one is your favourite type of bear ?



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