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Bear Names

"Bear Name Directory for all Types of Bears"

Bears are such wonderful creatures with so many different types of bears to learn about, we have a hard time choosing our favourite bear pictures here at

Bears have all sorts of different names from bear scientific names to cute pet names for bears.
Lots of different cultures have different traditional names for bears like the native americans for whom bear and bear totem animal is part of many ceremonies. From imposing Polar bears and fierce Grizzly bears . Asian Panda Bears to cute and cuddly Teddy Bears ..we love all the different types of bears.

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The Bear Name Directory can also be searched for names that mean bear, teddy names as well as teddy bear collectors names so if you want to know your name bear ins and outs ..take a peek ... we will try and find as many bear pictures to accompany the different types of bear to make choosing and identifying bears easier.
So please feel free take a look at the different categories names.
Bear Scientific Names

Endangered Bears today are present in many peoples awareness. from the mighty polar bear to the endangered panda bear. Many bears fall into different types of bears, at present there are 8 different types of bear species recognised with many sub species underneath each many bear species . From the latin name the bear the origin of the different names can often be deducted, so here we take a look at the latin names for all types of bears

Grizzly Bear Scientific Name
~ What is scientific name grizzly bear is used?

Black Bear Scientific Name
~ What is Bear scientific name for Black Bear ?

Polar Bear Scientific Name
~ What is the Bear Scientific name for polar bear ?

Brown Bear Scientific Name
~ What is brown bear scientific name ?

Water Bear Scientific Name
~ What is bear scientific name for Water Bear?

Listing of all Bear Scientific Names on

Native American Bears

Bear is a powerful totem animal in many of the native american traditions., with names like " running Bear" and " Little Bear" being given to people according to specific tasks and abilities

Native american culture embraces animal spirits and bear can be a powerful ally ... here a little look at the origins and history of many an indian name for bear

~ Native American Bear Names
~ Indian Name for Bear
~ Plains Indian Name Running Bear
~ Meaning Indian Name Little Bear
~ First Nations Name for Bear
~ Bear Native American Names
~ Native American Bear Totem Animal Names

Teddy Names

Whilst the big bear news of endangered bears make all the headlines, lets not forget our cuddly friends. Teddy bears are part of almost everyone's childhood, who can forget that first teddy bear hug given by a trusted friend ? Here we look at different types of teddy bears.. the origin of the name, who was the first ever person to think of the name teddy bear and other fascinating bear facts .. Take a peek at Horace Big Bear's favourite names for cuddly teddy bears

~ Teddy Bear Names
~ Names for Teddy Bears
~ Teddy Bear Collectors Name
~ Name of Garfields Teddy Bear
~ Boys Girls Teddy Names

Our A - Z Index of Teddy Bear Names Collections

All Teddy Bear Names

Girl Teddy Bear Names

Boy Teddy Bear Names

Cute Teddy Bear Names

Can you remember your first ever teddy bear .. we have a section for old bear stories where you can upload a picture of either your first ever or your favourite teddy bear and share your favourite old bear story most teddy bears became very old friends, as tattered and tired as they may be they never leave our hearts or our imagination .

Teddy Bear Collectors Name Directory
~ There are many people who collect teddy bears, from antique teddy bears from one of the famous teddy bear manufacturers like Steiff Bears to child hood vintage teddies that have never been forgotten
Some teddies have become so rare that collectors pay lots of money for really sought after teddies
~ Do you have a teddy lost in a dusty attic ? Have your forgotten your first ever teddy you got as a baby ? Think might be time for a little love and de dusting to revive a collectable bear

Care Bears

One of the well loved bears that have stood the test of time are care bears, each with their unique trait, their lovable features and who could forget their names easily .. but Horace Big Bear has a list of reminders ready for you just in case you forgot one if you like take a peek at our list of names for all types of bears in the care bear range

Care Bear Names

Bear Dictionary - Bear Facts about all Types of Bears

We like all types of bears and hope you enjoy our bear dictionary website where lots of interesting bear facts can be found ..
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as well as bear pictures, endangered bear research, info about types of bear, bear pic to color, bear recipes and bear kids activities from Polar Bears, Panda Bears, Grizzly Bears ... the list can go from the Arctic to the Zoo

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Bear Dictionary
All Types of Bears Explored

Here at Bear Dictionary we like to explore all types of bears... some bears live in the wild like the polar bear, the brown bear and even the grizzly bear. Endangered Species of Bears need our protection if we are to continue to have wild species of bear. The more information on all types of bears can be shared the better. Educating our children about endangered bears, taking bear watching holidays to raise awareness and sponsoring endangered polar bears, panda bears and indeed all baby bears raised in zoos with an animal protection program
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Our Bear Coloring Sheets
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Here at we welcome your input too .. feel free to submit your Old Bear Stories, Your Bear Watching Holiday Adventures Stories , even a little Bear Joke or two is enjoyed by all ..

Bear Activities

valentine clipart teddy bear girl

Here are a selection of Valentine Bears you can use to make a Valentines Day Teddy Bear gift, or a Teddy Bear Valentines Day Card.

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Bear Dictionary
All Types of Bears Explored

We have a favorite selection of bear books that are full of information on all types of bears.. from panda bears , and grizzly bears to the black bears of north america and the polar bears of the north .. which one is your favourite type of bear ?



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