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Bear Jokes Fun

"Interesting Bear Facts for all Types of Bears"

Bears are such wonderful creatures with so many different types of bears to learn about, we have a hard time choosing our favourite bear types here at

From imposing Polar bears and fierce Grizzly bears. Asian Panda Bears to cute and cuddly Teddy Bears ... we love all the different type of bears.

Bear Joke Collection
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However, it is not all serious! There are loads of bear jokes fun to be had, some of the bear jokes may even be a funny bear joke !

Here at , our resident jokes bear has a selection of bear jokes for you to enjoy, ( Or not! - If they are really bad! ) from polar bear jokes , koala bear joke to grizzly bear jokes and panda bear funny jokes.

Our jokes bear is always on the lookout for new bear jokes fun, so why not submit a Bear Joke of your own ?
Bear Jokes Fun
Polar Bear Jokes
  • Q: What to Polar Bears eat for lunch ?
  • A: Ice Burgers
  • Q: What is a Polar Bear's favorite dessert ?
  • A: Baked Alaska
  • Q: Why Don't Polar Bears eat Penguins ?
  • A: Because they can't get the wrappers off.
  • A Polar Bear is a rectangular Bear after a coordinate transformation.
    (Sorry you have to be a bit of a maths geek to get that one, but I could not resist putting it in!)
Grizzly Bear Jokes
  • Q: What do you call a Grizzly Bear caught in the rain ?
  • A: A Drizzly Bear
  • Q: Why does a Grizzly Bear have a thick fur coat ?
  • A: Because it would look very silly in a plastic mac
  • A Grizzly bear goes in to a bar and asks: "May I have an orange juice ........................ and lemonade, please ?"
    The barman prepares the drink saying "Of course, but why the big pause?"
    The Grizzly Bear replies "I don't really know, I've always had them!"

Teddy Bear Joke
  • Q: How do you start a Teddy Bear Race ?
  • A: Ready ... Teddy ... Go!
  • Q: What is yellow, comes from Peru and is completely unknown?
  • A: Waterloo Bear, Paddington's lost cousin.
  • Q: What do you get if you cross a teddy Bear with a pig ?
  • A: A Teddy Boar
  • Q: What have Rupert the Bear and Winnie the Pooh got in common ?
  • A: They both have the same middle name. ("the")
Baby Polar Bear Joke
  • Q: Where to you find a baby polar bear ?
  • A: It depends where you lost it
  • A baby polar bear asks his mother "Am I really a polar bear cub?"
    His mum replies "Yes, of course you are dear!"
    Not convinced, he then asks the same question of his father.
    His dad replies "Yes, you are son, you come from a long line of Polar Bears. But why do you ask?"
    The Polar Bear Cub then says "Are you sure? Because I'm really Freezing!"

Koala Bear Joke
  • Q: What is small, cuddly and bright purple ?
  • A: A Koala Bear holding its breath
  • Q: What is a bear's favorite drink ?
  • A: Koka-Koala
  • Q: What do you call a Koala Bear with no ears ?
  • A: A Koala B
Panda Bear Funny Jokes
  • Q: Why was the panda bear cub so spoiled ?
  • A: Because its mother Panda'd to its every wish
  • Q: What goes Black, White, Black, White, Black, White ?
  • A: A Panda rolling down a mountain
  • Q: Why do Panda bears like old silent movies ?
  • A: Beacuse they are all in black and white
  • Q: What is black and white and read all over ?
  • A: A panda with sunburn
  • A Panda Bear sees some people arguing, and they beckon him over.
    "You are just the guy we need! Tell us, are you a bear or some kind of Racoon?"
    After a pause, the Panda replies "Hmmm, you know, not everything is black and white!"
Bear Jokes Fun
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